Join my 3,000-mile journey to the Caribbean and South America
Pat Wiley, Author, Licensed Captain, Sailing Instructor
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Author, Pat Wiley

Pat Wiley, Author, Licensed Captain, Sailing Instructor


After a successful career in the aerospace industry, Pat Wiley pursued his passion for writing at the New School for Creative Writing in NYC. After a series of short stories he wrote his first book, JOOLA, a non-fiction narrative about one of the worst maritime tragedies in history.

EYEWITNESS, is his first novel, inspired from adventures of sailing his own boat on a two year, three thousand-mile journey to the islands of the Caribbean and South America.

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Book Excerpts

Eyewitness by Pat Wiley (2016 release)


EYEWITNESS, a nautical murder mystery, CHAPTER 1

My name is Jack Quinn. I’m in prison, awaiting trial for murder on the high seas. The nightmare leading to my arrest began while sailing alone to the island of Bermuda. I swear, with God as my witness, I was coming to aid a boat in distress. I am writing this in the hope someone may know something––anything to help prove I’m innocent.

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4 STARS ~ “…a solid crime/mystery novel. Wiley’s use of the whale as a part of the mystery [is] original and [gives] the story a unique twist to set it apart from other books of this type…a very well-written mystery novel that grabbed my interest with its ocean adventure at the beginning and kept it through the end of the story — EYEWITNESS, Josef Hernandez, Minneapolis Book Examiner



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